The Minister of Education sends an important message on technical complaints from the first secondary electronic exams


Dr. Tariq Shawqi emphasized, Minister of EducationHe wants to send an important message to all students who face any technical problems while dealing with the first year secondary exam 2020 in the Arabic language today, Sunday, and in the subjects that will be performed in the coming days as well.And the Minister of Education said: “Students should not worry. These exams are experimental and do not have grades.”

He added: “If any student stumbled into entering the exam for a technical reason, we will solve this problem, and the ministry will work to monitor places that suffer from poor networks and inform the Ministry of Communications to resolve all crises before the end-of-year exams to be held in May.”

He continued: If the exam is interrupted for any reason, the answers will be saved and retrieved upon entrance again.

And he continued: “Students can take the exam from a tablet or any computer or laptop connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or any chip from any service provider from the mobile companies in Egypt.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education was, She announced The schedule of experimental tests for the first secondary class, which is scheduled to start from April 5 to April 22, 2020, indicating the specific hours to perform the test in each governorate.

The Ministry of Education said: “Examinations will be available to students at their homes and on the tablet in the time period from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon, according to the schedule.”

The examination schedule was as follows:

Sunday, April 5: Arabic (3 hours)

Monday, April 6: The first foreign language (two and a half hours)

Tuesday, April 7: Neighborhoods (one and a half hours)

Wednesday, April 8: Geography (an hour and a half)

Thursday, April 9: Second foreign language (an hour and a half)

Monday, April 13: Mathematics (3 hours)

Tuesday, April 14: Philosophy and Logic (an hour and a half)

Wednesday, April 15: Physics (an hour and a half)

Tuesday, April 21: Date (an hour and a half)

Wednesday, April 22: Chemistry (an hour and a half)

The ministry added: “The exam can be performed from a tablet or any computer or laptop connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or a chip.”

Below, “Echo of the Country” publishes the specified time periods for taking the test by governorate:

From 8 am to 10 am:



Kafr El-Sheikh


the shortest

The Red Sea

From 10 am to 12 noon:






North Sinai

South of Sinaa

From 12 noon to 2 noon:



the lake

Bani Sweif




From 2 pm to 4 pm:






Port Said

the new Valley

The Minister of Education said , The Ministry has set specific time periods for each governorate in Egypt to perform experimental electronic exams for first-year high school students scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, April 5, to reduce loads on the network so that all students can take the exam without problems.

The Minister of Education, in an audio message transmitted through his official account on the social networking site Facebook, explained that, for example, the governorates designated for them from 8 am to 10 am are the governorates of Cairo, Menoufia, Kafr El-Sheikh, Fayoum, Luxor, and the Red Sea, so what is meant here It is permissible for students in these governorates to start the exam during this time period. If, for example, the student enters the 9:30 am exam and the exam is 3 hours long, he will perform the exam naturally and the exam will end after 3 hours naturally (that is, the student is not obligated to enter the exam at eight o’clock As some understood).

The Minister of Education said: “Students of each governorate must adhere to the time period allowed to enter the exam, because a student in a particular governorate will not be able to enter the exam even if in a different time period specified for other governorates.”

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