The Ministry of Health launches a smart phone application to raise awareness of the Corona virus


You can trust the content of the program, given that all information and data in the program are approved by the World Health Organization and the Egyptian Ministry of Health, and it is constantly updated according to the latest available data and information.

The program also provides the possibility to communicate with an accredited medical team to follow up your symptoms and biometrics when there is a suspicion of the disease and guide you how to behave according to your condition.

Program functions:

1- Reporting:

In this part, you can report your condition or the condition of another person while recording some information and symptoms required by the program in order to determine the extent of the injury based on the answers that will be recorded and as a result of the probability of the injury you will be directed to how to act and what is the appropriate procedure for your case or the case of the reporting person about him.

2- Notices:

You will receive alert messages if you approach a site that contains injuries in order to take care and avoid injury. Enabling this feature requires allowing the program to track your location and activating this feature on your mobile phone.

3- Articles:

It includes various and comprehensive articles about all the important methods of prevention, habits or errors that can cause the transmission of infection, advice to strengthen immunity, and how to deal in all daily situations to avoid infection in addition to all the new information about the virus and how to face it.

4- Common Questions:

Complete and exhaustive responses to all the questions in your mind about the disease and how to prevent it or deal with infected or suspected cases, in the form of a question and answer.

5- Talk to us:

Through this feature, you can communicate with the Egyptian Ministry of Health through WhatsApp, as the program will refer you directly to the private number on the WhatsApp program.

6- Numbers that interest you:

The program shows you all the numbers and links that enable you to communicate with the Ministry of Health with all available means of social communication.

7- Voice Alerts feature:

It contains alerts with sounds of Egyptian actors we love to remind you and alert you of infection prevention and protection guidelines. You can control the activation of this feature through the program settings.

The program needs to enter the Internet for the first time to download the content of topics and questions and to make sure that the content of your program includes the latest available information and guidance, which is constantly updated by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.


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