“The month on the app is $ 400” .. Haneen Hosam’s confessions in front of the


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Thursday 23 April 2020

Books – Tariq Samir:

The Public Prosecutor listened to the statements of the student Hanin Hussam Abdel Qader, accusing her of attacking family principles and values ​​in Egyptian society, and creating, managing and using special websites and accounts through social networking applications on the International Information Network with the aim of committing and facilitating the commission of that crime.

She was also accused of committing the crime of human trafficking by dealing with natural persons who are girls who used them in acts contrary to the principles and values ​​of Egyptian society to obtain material benefits behind them, and that was to exploit the state of economic weakness and the victims ’need for money, and the promise to give them money, and this crime was committed by A criminal organized group for the purpose of human trafficking that includes the accused and others.

The Attorney General, Hamada Al-Sawy, ordered that the accused be imprisoned for four days, pending the investigation.

And by questioning the accused public prosecutor, she denied the accusations that were attributed to her, and decided to contract her two years ago with a Chinese company that owns an application for social communication. Then, she sent her an electronic contract between her and the company to photograph her monthly about twenty clips for herself if she performed some songs and published them via the application with selected titles (Hashtags) in exchange for receiving about four hundred dollars a month in bank transfers, provided that her wages increase by increasing her followers through Baiq, and it used during the two years to shoot and publish sections that have defined the company and the majority of the followers of the children and young people, and has earned them their wages and identified numbers and observers have other accounts to other social networking applications.

She added that she had a relationship with some of those in charge of the management of the company that owns the contracting application – including Egyptians and Chinese – one of whom – Egyptian – undertook to protect her electronically from harassment or attempts to delete or withhold the published video clips, and she also had a relationship with other Egyptians responsible for the direct broadcast of the application in the east Al-Awsat, who asked her at the end of last March to announce in a leaflet through another application – other than those in charge of his administration – the desire of their company management to establish an electronic group of girls – adults and minors – to work as broadcasters in the application their administration, in exchange for offering wages They exploit the residence of all of their homes in implementation of the travel ban to combat the spread of the Corona virus, and the stopping of the work of some of them and their need for money. The men recorded the need for the company and increased the number of men working for it. She responded to their request and broadcast to all of her dwelling the video clip that is the subject of the investigation, then some of her followers took it and deleted some words from it and republished it in a picture that suggests its invitation to things that violate public morals. Ummah, adhering to what is true of what it broadcasted is the announcement of the contracting company about its need for girls who work as announcers through the application of the company, and about the conditions that it set for those girls, which were that they are more than eighteen years old and that they have talents in beautifying women, cooking, playing, or Singing to find dialogue with their followers, or children who enjoy any of these talents provided that their relatives agree to this in order for the company to contract with them, and that they will receive their wages for what they broadcast by applying any of these talents from their homes, provided that those wages determine their commitment to what is committed It added that one of the procedures for enrolling girls in this company was to present them with their identity cards to register their data with the company that owns the application in preparation for paying their wages for clips that they photograph by bank accounts or by mail, and she learned that they are required to accept them in the company to submit through the application at the hours you choose The company broadcasts directly to them in which they present themselves and what talents they possess with their followers, and in the event that the company accepts any of them, the accepted girl is assigned an activated identification number, then she joins a group to communicate that the company manages to transfer its assignments to them, The company determines their wages according to the extent of asking them what they could carry.

The defendant denied what she explicitly announced in the section subject of the investigation that she owned or established what she called “the agency” through the contracting application with his company, arguing that she did not release a commercial or tax record for this agency, and that she said that as a matter of publicity and in implementation of what she was assigned from the company to exploit girls from Its followers are many, and that after the announcement was published, it received praise from the company and promised to charge it about three thousand pounds, which was transferred to its bank account.

The accused explained that she is a member of two groups on the “WhatsApp” application, one that includes thirteen members, including Chinese and Egyptians, and the second includes more than a hundred members of different nationalities, and that both of them were allocated to transfer the company’s assignments to it about the content of the clips it depicts and publishes and the addresses that accompany it , Of which the title was “Your Bed Your Theater,” and her membership in two other groups decided to communicate with the girls who answered the invitation to subscribe to the agency that announced it to inform them of the steps and procedures necessary to join them, and determine their numbers and the success of the matter.

Facing the public prosecution accused of a clip previously published by one of its accounts that included a sexual conversation between a man and a girl, she acknowledged its publication claiming that it was devoid of the sexual conversation referred to, and that someone added it to it after its publication; while the public prosecutor found from the reading of the section the defendant announced her apology to the viewers and listeners for The pornographic content that the clip will contain.

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