The most important 11 decisions of the Cabinet on the curfew


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Osama Haykal, the Minister of State for Information, published through the official page of the Ministry, the most prominent decisions of the Prime Minister regarding the continuation of the curfew and some other measures to complement the efforts of the state in preserving the health of citizens, as follows:

1- It is prohibited for citizens to move or move around the country on all roads, from nine in the evening until six in the morning.

2- The cafes, cafeterias, cafeterias, cabarets, nightclubs and similar shops and facilities that provide entertainment or recreation continue to be closed, as are all public parks, parks and beaches.

All restaurants and the like, and pastry shops, as well as tourist establishments that offer food and beverages, are limited to providing takeaway service outside the travel ban hours and home delivery service.

3- All commercial and craft shops, including stores for selling goods and commercial centers, are closed to the public from five oclock in the evening until six oclock in the morning.

4- Except for this decision, bakeries, grocery stores, vegetable, fruit, meat or poultry stores, pharmacies, and supermarkets located outside commercial centers, provided that work is limited to them during the hours of the ban on receiving and receiving goods without receiving the public.

5- All public and private mass transportation stops from nine oclock until six in the morning.

6- The provision of all services provided by ministries and governorates to the public continues to be suspended, and this does not apply to health offices and labor offices, as well as services provided by traffic departments in relation to the issuance of licenses for the management of new vehicles only, and some services provided by the real estate registry.

7- All sports clubs, popular centers, youth centers and gyms halls in all parts of the Republic continue to be closed.

8- Students’ attendance at schools and universities continues to be suspended, as well as in any gatherings with the aim of receiving education and child custody.

9- International air traffic continues to be suspended at all Egyptian airports.

10- Whoever violates this decision shall be punished with detention and a fine not exceeding four thousand pounds, or either of these two penalties.

11- This decision shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall be enforced as of Friday, April 24, 2020.

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