“The Musicians”: Enas Ezzeddine’s activity is suspended due to the current circumstances


05:53 PM

Saturday 04 April 2020

Books – Mona Al-Muji and Hani Saber:

Tariq Murtada, a media spokesperson for the Council of Musical Professions Syndicate, confirmed that the suspension of the activity of artist Enas Ezz El-Din was due to the interruption of artistic activity, as a result of the precautionary measures taken in the country.

Tariq said in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”, that the union council headed by artist Hani Shaker decided to transfer singer Enas Izz El-Din to investigation.

On the date that Enas will be represented for the investigation, he made it clear that legal affairs will set an appointment and inform them about it, pointing out that the suspension of its activity is already taking place due to the current conditions, which have stopped all technical activities.

The syndicate had issued a press release, stating that the position of “musicians” with Enas will be decided upon the conclusion of the investigation, and that its punishment may reach a deletion.

Murtada, in previous statements to Masrawy, indicated that Enas stirred confusion by talking about her infection with the Corona virus during the past few days, before the results of the analysis proved “negative.”

The singer had caused controversy during her time in the hospital through videos posted on her Facebook page, which exposed her to an attack. Her critics saw that she had caused her injury for the sake of fame and abuse to the Ministry of Health, but she returned and defended herself after leaving the hospital, saying that she dealt with the matter in good faith and spontaneity.

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