The owner of the sex videos .. is a jewel with white dancing and pampering you


The dancer shared the jewel of her fans with a new video through her account on the Instagram social network for photos and videos.

Jawhara appeared dancing with Omar Kamal from inside one of the artistic studios and commented on the video, saying, “I can’t wait … the song is new with the sweet spirit.”

It is reported that the singer Omar Kamal denied the rumor of his association with the dancer, Johara, saying: “I did not make a engagement with the dancer, Johara.”

Omar Kamal said in a telephone interview with the media, Syed Ali, on “The Citizen Presence” program broadcast on Al-Hadath Al-Youm channel: “An artwork that brings me together in essence, and pictures of my collection spread in one of the cafes and were used incorrectly.”

Omar Kamal added: “There is no passport or engagement, and when our Lord honors me with the righteous daughter, I will announce this.”


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