The people of the village set an example .. How was the funeral of the “Corona” victim held with a hand


4:52 am

Sunday 12 April 2020

Kafr El-Sheikh – Islam Ammar:

The people of the village of “Shabas Omair”, which is affiliated with the Qaleen Center in Kafr El-Sheikh, struck in the early hours of Sunday morning – the example of the funeral procession of one of the village’s women, who was a victim of the new Corona virus “Covid-19”, through the commitment of the people , Regarding special instructions for the burial of the victims of the virus, and the attendance of the scene from afar, the participation of the relatives of the victim in their grief.

Some families and the victim’s family lined up towards the village graves, leaving distances between them, to perform the funeral prayer for the soul of the victim, while the body was inside the ambulance, amid tight security control and precautions by the police officers at Qaleen Police Station, while security men surrounded some families while they were at the moment of the arrival of the body .

After performing the funeral prayer for the soul of the victim, the ambulance went to the vicinity of her family’s cemetery, 4 of whom were dressed as a protective isolation, and carried the box containing the victim’s body, and entered the graves together with two of their relatives in order to guide them from the family’s grave, to see the victim’s body, According to the health requirements for the burial of Corona victims.

When the burial process ended, the four people left the graves, took off the isolation allowance they were wearing, and burned them, while the police officers were directed to leave the graves area, to prevent any gatherings, amid a response from all the residents.

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