The Prime Minister attributes the husband of the doctor, “Shubra El-Bahou” .. He apologizes to him on behalf of the Egyptians (details)


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Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, made a telephone call with Dr. Mohamed Hindawi, husband of the late honorable doctor, Sonia Aref, during which he offered condolences to the nation’s faith.

In his call, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly said: “I spoke to you as an Egyptian citizen, before I was prime minister, to offer my sincere condolences, and I apologize to you on behalf of the masses of Egyptians for the disgraceful behavior that was issued by some of the people of the village of Shubra El-Bahou, and whoever erred will be held accountable by law, and these only cross On their own, while the masses of Egyptians appreciate the efforts of the medical staff, their sacrifices, and we will not allow anyone to insult or attack any individual with them. ”

The Prime Minister stressed that «the whole society appreciates the efforts and sacrifices made by the medical staff, they are the first line of defense, in our confrontation of the new Corona virus, and thanked the masses of medical workers, saying: Do not pay attention to these small things, and these shameful practices and situations do not concern you. From some of your honorable battle to defend the people of your homeland, we all value you, support you, line up with you, and God will support us, with all our sincerity, solidarity, and dedication. ”

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Radwan thanked the Prime Minister, and the government officials in general, who stood next to him and supported him, saying: “I am honored by this call from the Prime Minister of Egypt. Dr. Mostafa Madbouly replied: It is an honor for me, and I reiterate my sincere condolences, and our calls to the doctor that God inhabit them Roomy paradise ».

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