The series “Sons of Imbaba” is a surprise by all standards


Source: Arabic.Net – Mohamed Ahmed

Randa Al-Beheiri has recently achieved great success in a number of audiences, most notably the “Big Brother” series with the artist Mohamed Ragab, and in addition to her artistic career that she started since childhood, Randa tries to prove herself as an actress all the time with distinguished choices.

In her interview with Al, Randa talked about the “Big Brother” series and her expected cinematographic work, and her opinion on the show outside the Ramadan race, in addition to her participation in the “Birth of Imbaba” series.

Randa Al-Buhairi
Randa Al-Buhairi

* How do you evaluate the series “Big Brother” and the mass reactions that accompanied the series?

** This series is one of the important milestones in my artistic life, and I was very pleased with the experience with all the work team, and it is the second time that I collaborated with the artist Mohamed Ragab after the movie “Saber Google”, and I am very proud to work with him because he is distinguished, diligent and loyal in his work, as he added to me Very much the director Ismail Farouk, whom I am also collaborating with for the second time, and I am satisfied and fascinated by the series, so that no one will ever imagine it.

The reactions were wonderful, and we expected the work to succeed, but the success exceeded all our expectations with the utmost honesty as the series issued social networking sites and people became modern, and they followed each episode with great passion and interest, and the audience interacted with each event and asked me in the street about the details and solve the puzzles with work .

Randa Al-Buhairi
Randa Al-Buhairi

* What is the secret of your enthusiasm for the character “Zina” that you personified as “Big Brother”?

** After reading the scenario, I felt that I was facing a distinguished work written by the author Ahmed Abdel Fattah with great professionalism, as it turned out that the work is important, and it will be at a very high level because the work teams are all very distinguished.

I was attracted to the character “Zeina” as soon as I read it, it was different and full of psychological dimensions that I trusted that it will be executed with very great craftsmanship, and the series will be produced with the best potential, and all of this was in addition to the wonderful work scenes that gathered all members of the series, where we agreed to provide a work that tells about it People are up to hearts, and this was our first goal.

Randa Al-Buhairi
Randa Al-Buhairi

* It is said that the character caused you a very large fatigue that amounted to physical and psychological fatigue, what are the details?

** The character was really very exhausting and sensitive, and required crying in many scenes, which affected me in an unimaginable way, and from the intensity of my integration in the details and crying reached a stage of depression and fatigue that affected my form to the extent that my eyes were severely affected and my face was changed by the real tears that I shed with photography.

But in the end I liked Zina very much and I was happy when I embodied a good scene … and I did not pay any attention to any other consequences.

Randa Al-Buhairi
Randa Al-Buhairi

* What about the series “Wlad Imbaba”, in which a large number of popular singers participate?

** It is a comedy series that includes a large number of artists and singers, including the star Samir Ghanem, Farida Saif Al-Nasr, Saad Al-Soghair, Ahmed Shaybah, Riku, Abu Lev, and the son of the artist Hassan Al-Asmar. I think that the work that brings together all these popular singers will be a surprise to the audience, especially since the work is full of songs and it is the first time that a series that brings together popular singers and comedians includes multiple songs.

I chose to participate in this work because I liked to return to a comedy, as I participated in many heavy dramas in the last period, and I embody the personality of a girl called “Ilham” who falls in love with the artist Mustafa Abu Sari, who embodies the character of the artist’s son Farida Saif Al-Nasr.

Randa Al-Buhairi
Randa Al-Buhairi

* Is the competition in Ramadan different from the season outside of your view?

** I will not deny that the Ramadan race is very important and has a different situation, and certainly the best offer of works in it, but sometimes the show outside it is in favor of the work, as it takes its full chance and is not exposed to injustice due to the exaggerated pressure due to the large number of series.

In general, I am a proponent of the theory that good work imposes itself, whether during or outside the season of Ramadan, and the best evidence for this is the series “Big Brother”, which was shown outside the season of Ramadan and enjoyed very great success from the audience. Ramadan.

* Tell us about the movie “Barcode 615” that you are co-starring?

** This film falls under the category of action and suspense films, and it is a new genre that I have not participated in before, and it is a completely different and new experience to me. It is co-starring Muhammad Ezz, Tariq Sabri and Ahmed Azmi, and it is written by Mahmoud Jamaica and directed by Mina Sweiha.

While embodiment of action scenes I felt anxious and afraid for myself, but overall the experience is enjoyable and I loved it very much.

* What about the second part of the movie “Leisure”?

** Quite frankly, it is just a project so far, and I am already preparing for it, but I am not fully aware of the rest of the details so far, but I am very excited to participate in this work with the same team as the first part, for sure the experience will be rich and wonderful.


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