The Sheikh of Al-Sheikh: “As long as we don’t want to cut the livelihood, why our Lord is with him.”


Turkish Chancellor Al-Sheikh, head of the entertainment authority in Saudi Arabia, published on his personal page on the social networking site Facebook, saying, “Madam, I don’t want to … We cut the livelihood for him … Our Lord is with him.”

Advertise usDe Pyramids On his success in completing the contract with the great star Ahmed Fathi, captain of the Egyptian national team, in a free transfer deal.

Fathi, famous for his nickname “Egyptian Football Joker”, is considered one of the most important football players in Egypt throughout history, as he played 132 international matches in the Egyptian national team’s first shirt since 2002 and one of the youngest such as Egypt internationally.

The big star has a proven record of championships by winning the Egyptian League title 10 times, achieving the Cup title once, the Egyptian Super Cup 3 times, the African Champions League 3 times, the African Super Cup twice, and at the international level he achieved the African Nations Cup title with the Egyptian team 3 times, he also won the CAF U-20 Championship.

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