The story of 49 joys in the isolation hospital in Ajami … Here are Egyptian doctors (photos)


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49 cases of corona recovered in Al-Ajmi isolation hospital, 49 joys of being recovered from Corona virus, preceded by a great effort of medical staff members inside the hospital.

“A beehive of medical and nursing staff” … This is how the case is inside Al-Ajami Model Hospital, which is considered the isolation hospital for those infected with the “Corona” emerging virus (Covid 19) in Alexandria, where work continues day and night without tiredness, fatigue or fear of the deadly virus.

53 doctors and 60 doctors and 60 nursing staff, who are called the first line of defense and the White Army truly, providing large medical services to patients with 200 beds of intensive care through 60 fixed respirators and two mobile devices.

The medical team “Beehive” inside the typical Agami Hospital for people with coronavirus
The medical team “Beehive” inside the typical Agami Hospital for people with coronavirus

Al-Masry Al-Youm contacted a number of doctors, nurses, and recoverers of the virus to monitor their impressions and reactions, and the mechanisms of work inside the hospital, and the medical and nursing staff were affected by work in light of the conditions of the global epidemic.

Initially, Dr. Tessier Magdy, Vice President of the Hospital Director, says that all doctors and nursing staff treat people with “human corona” without fear, but with great caution so that they do not catch the virus, and they continue: “May our Lord be in the help of those who are suffering .. They remain very difficult for us.” ».

The medical team “Beehive” inside the typical Agami Hospital for people with coronavirus
The medical team “Beehive” inside the typical Agami Hospital for people with coronavirus

And «Tessier» added to «Al-Masry Al-Youm»: «the social nature prevails over us in dealing with the injured, as we take into account the psychological and nervous aspects of them..and we feel them because they are isolated, each one in a closed room 14 days, and some of them 20 days, and feel for them And we try to work on the psychological state of them as a necessary in the recovery and recovery from disease ».

Typical Agami Hospital for people with coronavirus
Typical Agami Hospital for people with coronavirus

She continued: «We are pleased with the interest among us, and everyone feels the external appreciation, whether from the media or citizens, especially Major General Mohamed El Sharif, Governor of Alexandria, who honored us at a ceremony in the General Court, which means that there is a reaction from abroad to the effort we are making .. very”.

Dr. Hajar Hassan, a general surgeon at the hospital, picked up the conversation, saying: “The medical and nursing staff work on the psychological side of the injured, as they are isolated, with the aim of raising their morale religiously and socially.” Noting that bouquets are distributed to the injured, in addition to cards in their names to break The psychological factor before treatment, given its importance in the treatment journey, which makes them feel interested in them.

The medical team “Beehive” inside the typical Agami Hospital for people with coronavirus


“Hajar” confirmed her complete belief in the rates of recovery from the virus in the hospital in particular and all the isolation hospitals in the republic in general, explaining that they are very acceptable ratios as 49 cases were discharged from the hospital after recovering from the disease, and the rest are stable in comparison to other countries that have medical capabilities that exceed Egypt in stages.

She added: “The hospital’s medical team is able to deal with the injured, but we need additional numbers of doctors and nurses to fill the deficit. She continued:“ The Egyptian doctors are pregnant, patient and take advantage of half the opportunities, because we are used to it and work in light of the limited capabilities available and lack of appreciation .. Any profession in the world is not available to anyone who works, except for doctors, they work even if there is no such thing because they are responsible for souls. ”

“Hajar” said: “The hospital has a psychiatrist to take care of if we find a patient who needs psychological intervention, which means that we spare no effort in dealing with patients.”


For his part, Ibrahim Mohamed Abdel Moneim, a hospital nursing supervisor explained: “We work day and night, countries are bored or tired, and most of all we are happy when we announce the recovery of one of the injured and his discharge from the hospital, because we receive patients while they are coming in a bad psychological state, but all this fades Completely with good treatment, and the victory and defeat of the virus ».

And “Abdel-Moneim” recounted a special experience in the hospital for a girl called Lamar Ahmed, 9 years old, who is the youngest with “Corona” as she went out among 5 cases she recovered yesterday, adding that it was not only a satisfactory condition, but was a source of hope, joy and laughter, and continued: « Once you saw her enter your heart along, and despite her childhood, she was up to the responsibility and was able to defeat Corona. ”

He explained: «We share the patients with their happy social occasions, to take into account the psychological factor for them, as we celebrated the birthday of Mar, and we presented a cake for her in an atmosphere of joy, to introduce joy and happiness on the face of the girl, who expressed her joy in surprise and celebration of her birthday.

Dr. Mervat El-Sayed, Director General of the hospital, said that the recovery of 49 cases within 5 weeks is a strong indication and a true translation of the reality of dealing and dealing with patients and the virus, as more than 3 cases are recovered, and sometimes 5, as well as the stability of the reserved cases.

“Mervat” added that all the medical and nursing teams and workers are keen to perform their national and medical duty and dedication in treating the injured, noting that the hospital was equipped with the latest medical devices within the isolation hospitals in the Republic under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, to receive cases of “corona”.

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