The story of nurses picking up Boris Johnson from Corona Fangs two days


Source: London – Kamal Kobeissi

A good word someone says about another, or a quick and simple praise, which may jump to where it takes years to achieve what he aspires and dreams, and the proof is that Portugal was not talking yesterday, and perhaps today also, except for a male nurse British Prime Minister, Boris JohnsonHis first name only, when he praised him and a second nurse, also mentioned her first name in a video broadcast on his “twitter” account after his discharge on Sunday from St.Thomas Hospital in central London, where he remained for a week during which he underwent intensive and dangerous treatment, and two days later the nurses recovered from the new Corona Fangs.

In the video, Johnson described the National Health Service, or NHS, for short, as the “beating heart of Britain” and thanked its staff for all kinds. He also thanked the medical staff, nurses, and doctors who treated him in the hospital, and then said according to what we hear after the third and 20 seconds of his video. Al below: “I think they don’t mind referring to nurses standing by my side for 48 hours, where things could have gone in any direction, namely Jenny from New Zealand then Luis from Portugal near Porto,” he said, referring to what he said to Medina Porto in the Portuguese north.

The media in New Zealand scrambled for information about who the nurse Johnson thanked and praised, including The NZHerald, who learned that her full name was Jenny McGee and she was in her thirties, so she spoke to her brother Rob over the phone, because he was out of the country, only providing general information about her, perhaps because The connection was short. However, TVNZ TV website reported that New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern sent her special thanks to Nurse Jenny in a message she wrote to her on her Facebook account, and received thousands of positive comments and comments from other “Facebook” users.

And the winds run counter to what Corona desires

However, Luis Portuguese kidnapped the lights in his country more, as its local media learned that his name was Luis Pitarma, who was born 29 years ago in the city of Aveiro, far from the city of Porto, more than 70 kilometers, according to what reported today in the site The local newspaper Exoresso, which hosts that Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is the one who revealed to the media the full name of the nurse who is still celibate, and requests for marriage were quickly overturned by those who have accounts on the sites of communication, and others demanded that he run for parliament, while others suggested appointing him Minister of Health, or even an ambassador.

Luis Portugal and his New Zealand colleague Jenny
Luis Portugal and his New Zealand colleague Jenny

And most of the little information about Lewis, we find it in the Linkedin website for personal and professional profiles, including that he started working in “St. Thomas” 4 years ago, and after two years he was promoted to “chief nurse” and then they chose him last October to work in an important department, which is “membranous oxygenation”. Outside the body “known as ECMO acronym” and because he showed skills in this particular section “according to what Portuguese media have concluded” the hospital chose him to be on the side of the British Prime Minister during his treatment “he was required until Johnson came out of what he believed the virus would overcome, but the winds ran Contrary to what Corona desires this time.

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