The third episode of “Choice” … Abu Omar was arrested alive


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The events of the third episode of the series “The Choice” began with a scene of the terrorist Hisham Ashmawi, who embodies the role of the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, and he is on the way to the airport, to travel to Syria through Turkey, to join the «Jabhat al-Nusra, and one of his sermons he attended in his childhood, by Dr. Abdel Star God is a member of the Guidance Bureau, in which he recommends reading the books “Abu Al-Ali Al-Mujoodi and Sayyid Qutb.” Ashmawi recommends his sister’s husband to his family on his way to the airport, then he installs Ashmawi the plane, to sit with the permissibility of a Christian man, to remember a dialogue with his father in his childhood, in which he felt in him Not to deal with his Christian friend, and not to be exposed to Leh, in the name of religion, And his father scolded him because of his conversation with his neighbor.

The events moved to the equipment of the Egyptian thunderbolt by going up to the war plane from Almaza Airport, and heading to Al-Areesh Airport, led by Al-Mansi, who embodies the role of the artist Amir Karara, and Captain Ali, who plays the role of the artist Asir Yassin, and Al Mansi gives them instructions, by dividing into two groups, one with him and one With Captain Ali, and tasked him with obtaining Abu Omar, who is responsible for carrying out the first massacre of Rafah “Hay”.

The plane carrying paratroopers arrives with its pilot, who plays the role of artist Iyad Nassar, and lands from the height of the plane at night inside the farm, then the arrival of Mansi and his forces.

The following scene shows the Takfiri leader Abu Omar, Abu Mu’adh and his group of atheists, to revolve among them a dialogue about delays in subsidies and supplies, to meet the demands of the Mujahideen, after carrying out terrorist operations, and the Egyptian thunderbolt forces begin to move inside the farm, then Mansi moves first and gives signals to move, and begins shooting using A pistol and a silencer, and the parachute commander give the signal that the road is safe for troops to start moving.

And the snipers started chanting “the forgotten man who did not die”, and after the start of the movement the farm mine explodes, and calls the takfirin “jihad”, Abu Omar begins to request supplies and weapons, to move a car loaded with equipment and supplies from one of the underground stores.

An exchange of fire begins between the Egyptian forces and the infidels, and they discover that Abu Omar escapes from an underground crypt. The Mansi orders Captain Omar to return with the forces with the two thoughts, and Mansi insists on obtaining Abu Omar.

On the other side, the umbrellas besieged the car heading to the supplies, and Captain Omar cites during the exchange of fire with one of the Takfiri elements, and the Mansi surrounded Abu Omar in the tunnel, to threaten him to blow himself up with the explosive belt, and the Mansi asked him to surrender, and he says, “We are too much or not.” To force him to surrender Then he turns him over to the forces, and hugs his body, Ali, after his martyrdom.

On the other side, Ashmawi arrives in Syria, communicates with Abu Bassam to inform him of his arrival at the place specified by Abu Musab, and inform him of room number 301.

Al-Mansi arrives at the hospital to find his “high” girl in waiting, and asks his wife for a new child to call him “Ali”, and Al-Mansi goes with the belongings of the martyr Ali, and hand over to his father, to tell him that he was waiting for the testimony and asked her from God and that he refused to marry so that he does not have an orphan child, A father gives him a “gift of praise” for his martyr son.

Abu Bassam arrives at Ashmawy to tell him that the Turks are partners with them in smuggling goods, and informs him that he will give him goods for free, provided that their goods are secured, and he requests to prevent his meeting with Abu Musab, and Mansi sits with a father and informs him of the martyrdom of Captain Ali, and remembers his childhood and work in the summer vacation as a daily worker in return One pound.

Ashmawi arrives at the Turkish-Syrian border, and Al-Nusra forces are stationed 200 kilometers from the border, and he meets Ashmawi, Abu Musab, and tells him that his presence with the infidels will be a reason for his victory in the religion of God, and tells him that he has trained fighters in Chechnya and Afghanistan, and asks him to train a group of The fighters, Ashmawi told him that he would work to train them in guerrilla warfare, and to train them in ambush and raiding, which is essentially what you learned in the Egyptian thunderbolt.

The second scene is transmitted by children who play with bullets, betting on the type of plane from its sound, whether its type A16 or mac 29, then they see cars heading to Jabhat al-Nusra and know that it is a car «Abu Nasr al-Baghdadi», and he is coming to meet Hisham Ashmawi.

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