The union requires reducing millions of Zamalek to continue negotiations to annex Cisse


Alexandria Union officials want to continue negotiating with Zamalek about obtaining the services of Ivorian Razak Cisse, the white team wing loaned to the leader of the gap, permanently, provided that the Zamalek administration reduce the financial requirements for the deal in order to continue negotiating about its completion in the coming period, because of the desire of the team The Alexandrian player continues to be on the team after he welcomed it.

The Ivorian Razak Cisse, the winning card for the officials of the Citadel of Mit Oqba, became among the loaned players from the White Castle during the upcoming summer transfers, after the player received more than one offer during the last period, where Mortada Mansour, President of the White Club, announced that the player received an offer With a value of 2.5 million euros, then it was raised to 3 million euros, saying: “And I requested 4 million from the company.”

No offers stood Cisse At this offer, but the Alexandrian Federation officials want to contract with the player and continue him in the ranks of the Alexandrian team in the next season, after the good performance in which he appeared with the team during the past period, Razak Cisse, the 21-year-old, participated with the Alexandria federation this season in 22 games By 16 games in the Premier League, 5 games in the Arab Championship and a match in the Egypt Cup, he scored 4 goals in which he made 3 goals in the league and in total he participated with the Alexandrian Federation in 69 games between the Premier League and Egypt Cup, during which he scored 13 goals and made 13 other goals.

It is mentioned that Razzaq Cisse moved to Zamalek 2017-2017 season after his brilliance with Aswan, after white officials praised him especially with his appearance in the Aswan and Zamalek match at a good level, but he did not have the opportunity to participate with the white team significantly, as he participated in 6 games by 5 games In the Premier League competition with an average of 159 minutes and a match in the Egypt Cup for 67 minutes, he made a goal.


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