The use of drones in the transfer of corona tests to reduce the spread of infection


A study suggested that Corona virus testing should be delivered to people’s homes using drones to reduce the spread of infection, and therefore is transferred from central testing facilities to the public, allowing the authorities to determine who needs the quarantine without a person moving to the test site and spreading the infection to others .

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, this will eliminate the need to visit testing facilities, which reduces the risk of disease spreading among the population during the process.

Researchers from Sweden have conducted a modeling of the impact of test drone delivery on a COVID-19 outbreak in a medium-sized city, and they suggest that 36 drones each carrying 100 tests can reach everyone in this city with a population of 100,000 people repeatedly every four days.

However, even to conducting tests for individuals every 30 days, they said, “would significantly reduce the curve for case prevalence,” a proactive screening of the general population for corona virus infection, especially in the case of asymptomatic cases, leads to great potential. In helping to curb the spread of COVID-10, however implementation of such will have its challenges.

“The Corona test may hamper residents’ concerns about visiting test facilities because of the potential for a high concentration of infection there,” wrote Leonid Sidov of the Swedish University of Linkoping and colleagues in their research paper.

They added, “The fear is confirmed by health officials who advise not to visit hospitals except when necessary, but the good news is that COVID-19 testing should not necessarily be performed in a particular facility.”

They explained: “A possible solution is to use drones to distribute tests to the population, as well as to collect tests again and bring them to laboratories.”

The test results can then be sent to people electronically, so that those who have positive tests put themselves in quarantine.


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