“There is no completed league” .. Mortada Mansour opens fire on Al-Janayni and Al


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Wednesday 15 April 2020

Books – Ayman Gilberto:

Mortada Mansour, president of the Zamalek club, opened fire on Amr el-Ganayni, head of the five-year committee that runs the Football Association, and Hamdi El-Nagaz, the former team player.

Hamdi Al-Naqaz and his lawyer had announced earlier the ruling of the International Football Association (FIFA) in favor of the player in his case against Zamalek.

“Al-Naqaz is a traitor and he fled from Zamalek. He begged Ferjani Sassi to return and we rejected his request,” Mortada Mansour said in statements to Al-Zamalek.

He continued, “Al-Naqaz asked FIFA to rescind the contract, we basically do not want it and therefore there is no crisis, so far we have not reached the ruling.”

“We will receive compensation from Al-Naqaz, and I ask Nasser Nasr Azzam what to do in FIFA after we have dispensed with your services.”

He said, “Is Nasr Azzam in Viva for the files of Zamalek, every day we hear about a case, who is protecting you there?”

And he moved on to talk about Amr Al-Janaini, saying, “Every day he comes out and declares that he is stronger than Al-Ahly and Zamalek, why did you not specify yet the date for the return of the league.”

“We have set a date for the return of the league, whether after a month or two, we are clubs that have responsibilities. We want to regulate rights and duties.”

He stressed, “I have set a deadline for setting the date for the return of the league. After that period, there are 14 clubs that will not continue with you in that farce.”

“Play the league, you and your favorite, respect yourselves, we are big clubs.”

He concluded his statements by saying, “The matter has become clear, there is no complete periodic, there is no crisis for us if they set any date, but it does not make sense to postpone every two weeks.”

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