There is no truth to the martyrdom of the injured officer in the Amiriyya accident, and his departure from intensive care


A high-level security source denied the truth of the rumors The martyrdom of the officer Mu’tam Al-Shammouti, adding that he is still in the hospital to receive treatment after he was injured while doing his duty in the anti-terrorist operation in Al-Amiriya region.The source confirmed that the injured officer had been discharged from intensive care and continued treatment inside the hospital.

The Ministry of the Interior had announced the seizure of a weapons and explosives warehouse in the Matareyah area of ​​the eliminated terrorist cell, which they intended to use in carrying out their terrorist plot, and by targeting 4 automatic weapons and a quantity of ammunition.

The Ministry of the Interior reported that there was information available to the National Security Sector Terrorist cell Its elements embrace thinking concepts that take advantage of several shelters in east and south Cairo, as a starting point for carrying out terrorist operations in conjunction with Christian holidays, where the elements of that cell were monitored and dealt with, which resulted in the death of 7 terrorist elements in possession of 6 automatic weapons, 4 cartridge, and a large amount Of ammunition with different bullets.

The deal resulted in the death of Lieutenant-Colonel Muhammad al-Hofy in the National Security Sector, and the injury of another officer and two members of the police force.

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