This is a memory loss


The media Amr Adib, the artist Dina El Sherbiny, joked, “Is there a memory loss for you like the movies of Zaman?” Continuing, I myself lose my memory at once. “

Dina El Sherbiny answered a joke on Amr Adib, “during a meeting with the broadcast program” Al Hakaya “on” MBC Egypt, “I also am losing myself,” noting that there is a disease of amnesia already and contacted with psychiatrists to identify the types of the disease.

She added that there are people who lose memory completely, and others lose part of their memory, just as some people regain their memory and others do not.

She explained that her role in the series Al-Nisyan game is different from the rest of the roles of amnesia that were presented in the Egyptian cinema and films, especially as the character recovers her memory temporarily and forget again.


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