This kills Corona patients, not the virus itself – website news – follow-up


The French newspaper, Le Figaro, highlighted a Chinese hypothesis that indicated that those who die in intensive care due to being infected with the Corona virus are being killed by their immune system more than the virus itself.

A phenomenon known about twenty years ago is called the “cytokine storm” or “immune storm.”

It is a syndrome that has no fixed treatment and which causes the symptoms of the disease to worsen.

But there seem to be studies that have identified a number of compounds or medications that can calm this condition and may save a person from death by reducing the symptoms of a deadly “immune storm”.

It is mentioned that strengthening the immune system is one of the best things to do because it is the main line of defense for the human body when it comes to fighting viruses, even if a person is exposed to corona virus, or others, a strong immune system is the best guarantee against infection.

Vitamin C is a popular choice to support immunity, but another major nutrient for the immune system is vitamin D, which does much for the human body, and one of its main benefits is to support its immune system. Studies show that vitamin “D” can help prevent or reduce the severity of respiratory infections, especially for those who suffer from a deficiency.



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