To avoid weight gain … 5 unexpected tricks in the period of home insulation


Many people tend to unload food and anxiety while eating while staying home Quarantine To prevent Corona Virus Noob, they are more likely to be obese and a noticeable increase in weight, here are some tricks that you can follow to avoid eating too much according to timesofindia.

The dish is empty

This trick will include dishes, spoons and forks. Bring an empty red dish. When you see red, your brain automatically indicates stop eating. Use the red tableware when you eat unhealthy junk food to maintain weight.

Cup water

The water trick is a trick that you must constantly follow in order to preserve the weight Ideally, all you have to do for this is take a glass of water before eating your meal, the water will partially fill your stomach and help you eat less than usual.

tight clothes

Your clothes play a big role in determining whether you will eat more or less, if you wear tight clothes, you will eat less automatically, while you will eat loose fitting clothes than usual. If you want to eat less, be sure to wear skinny jeans or pants, which will prevent you from overeating.

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Open hand

You only have to put your hand together to start this trick, now put your food in your concave hands, protein-rich foods like eggs, lentils, and beans should be roughly equal to the size of your palm. Carbohydrates, such as cereal, bread and potatoes, should be enough to fill your close-up hands. The vegetables you eat should be equal to your fists, while eating butter should imitate your thumb, This very enjoyable way of eating controlled food will help you eat just the right size according to your body’s requirements.

Eat vegetables

If you complete your meal and still feel hungry, this is the best option for choosing vegetables, avoid eating bread and take a portion of vegetables instead, this will help you avoid carbohydrates because it is full of minerals and nutrients.


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