Today … the expiration of accepting irregular employment registration for the first 500 EGP grant … and disbursement Sunday


Today, Thursday, the Ministry of Manpower will finish accepting the registration of irregular employment, on the Ministry’s website, provided that the 500-pound grant decided by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi for irregular employment affected by the repercussions of the Corona crisis be disbursed to about a million and a half million irregular workers, From next Sunday to Thursday 16 April.

Muhammad Sa`fan, Minister of Manpower, explained that the grant will be disbursed through the post offices that will be specified in the text message sent by the Ministry of Manpower on the personal phone number of each beneficiary, and the date and place of grant disbursement, because they are not exposed to the risks of crowding, and to preserve their safety And their dignity.The Minister of Manpower explained that upon receiving the due from this category for the grant, the competent post office will hand over the worker a Visa Postcard (ATM), without any financial cost to the worker (free of charge), so that, according to this card, he will exchange the second and third grant to reach that The total amount that he will receive at the end of the three months, 1500 pounds, is the sum totaled by President Sisi of this category.

The Minister of Manpower pointed out how to register on the site by following these steps:

– Enter the official website of the Ministry through the following link:

– Choosing to register irregular employment.

– Click here to register.

Fill out the application form.

– Click Submit.

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