Top Gun hero announces his love for Angelina Jolie in his diary


The hero of the movie Top Gun detonated a thunderous bomb that heard the entire Hollywood milieu about his unlimited love and hidden desires to kiss the American actress and ambassador of peace, “Angelina Jolie”, and his crazy efforts to stay close to her.

American actor Val Kilmer tells of his emotional life during his recent memoir, “Huckleberry,” in which he talks about his quest and attempts to only kiss Angelina Jolie for years.

Val Kilmer launched his memoirs after he recently fought throat cancer, and the 60-year-old actor has been pinning high hopes for romantic scenes that Angelina brings together for his feelings for a long time before that.

Finally, a call came to bear the good news, and he won the title in the movie “Alexander” in front of Angelina Jolie.

He mentions in his book that Angelina was single at the time of filming the movie, after separating from her husband Billy Bob Thornton, and he added about his silly imaginations in love with Angelina: “I couldn’t wait to kiss Angie, and buy her [يخت جلف ستريم] And draw the letters of our names V + J on it inside the rainbow. ”

But his heart was broken when Angelina married the famous actor Brad Pitt, and he adds, I spent an unforgettable time next to Angelina when her mother got cancer, where they lived in their favorite hotel, and by chance I was there.


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