Trezeguet Derby .. The Turkish press talks about the struggle of adults to annex the pharaoh


Turkey’s “Aksam” website has highlighted the interest of the giant giants Galatasaray and Besiktas Mahmoud Trezeguet The national team star and the English team Aston Villa during the next transfer window, and published a report today entitled “Derby Trezeguet”, after the Istanbul City duo expressed their desire to return to the Turkish league again.

Trezeguet starred in the Turkish league with Qasim Pasha before moving to Aston Villa last season, and kidnapped the giants of the competition to bring him back, especially since he did not appear strongly with his English team this season.

The report revealed that Sarat’s mistake is in an advanced stage of negotiations with Trezeguet to discuss his return to the Turkish league again, while the Besiktas club is also seeking to contract with Trezeguet, despite the postponement of the league, whether in Turkey or England, and the ambiguity of the position of the resumption of competitions amid an outbreak Corona virus in almost all parts of the world.

The Turkish “Photomak” website said that the Besiktas club started thinking about the new season after the current season stopped, in which the team did not appear well, and stressed that the club received happy news from Mahmoud Trezeguet, who gave the green light to the black and white team, and said that he could move in the season New, “Everything is possible in football“.

Despite the Turkish report, Trezeguet himself announced his continuation with Aston Villa, and said in a phone call via the “On Time Sport” channel, that he is not considering leaving the Aston Villa at present, and that he is tied to a contract for the next 5 years and his focus is now with his team in Waiting for the activity to resume again.

Trezeguet added, “Playing in the English league was one of my dreams, so how do I think about leaving him now? I am currently working hard and doing my best with Aston Villa since the beginning of the season, and I am not thinking about what could happen next year. This talk is premature.“.

Trezeguet continued his statements about his life during the current stopping period due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, explaining that he trains during the current period at home, like all his colleagues, until he is technically and physically ready if a decision is taken to resume the Premier League at any time, pending the return to group exercises with Aston Villa this week Next.

Trezeguet derby
Trezeguet derby


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