Tunisian radio: a sentence of 4 months imprisonment and a fine of 100 dinars


The Tunisian radio station, “Mosaic”, revealed, today, Thursday, a prison sentence against the former Tunisian and Zamalek player, Hamdy Al-Naqaz, Because he assaulted a public official.

The radio reported that the court of first instance in Sousse had imposed a penalty on the former coastal star player for a period of 4 months with urgent enforcement, in addition to a fine of 100 dinars after trespassing by saying a public official.

Hamdi Al-Naqaz decided to leave the club of Zamalek last September after he canceled his contract from one party, due to his failure to pay his financial dues, and both parties filed a complaint at the other, then the Tunisian player moved to the Sudanese club Sudova in a free transfer deal.

On the other hand, Zamalek officials rely on a set of items and factors in challenging the case of Tunisian Hamdi El-Nagaz, who canceled his unilateral contract with the club, after the FIFA issued a decision to fine Zamalek one million and 300 thousand dollars in favor of the Tunisian player, in The case that the Zamalek administration was keen to stop its first-degree judgment by challenging it in the International Federation after receiving the various rationale for the ruling in that case, which Mortada Mansour, the club’s president is keen to follow up on periodically.

And he said Mourtada Mansour Zamalek president on that issue, “It is not permissible for the club player to warn a two-month salary and then request his full contract from the International Federation. The International Federation Law says that the player who wishes to complain about his club must send him a warning to request obtaining his dues, and after sending the warning if he does not complete Response: All the demands in the warning must be sent to the International Federation. The warning that we have from Nagaz requires a two-month salary, and accordingly he should not go to FIFA requesting a 5-month salary. What he requested from us in the warning sent is the salary of October and November“.


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