Turki Al-Sheikh to Al-Ahly fans: “He who walks walks Naguib, his feet m


5:59 am

Thursday 02 April 2020

In conjunction with Ahmed Fathi’s announcement of his decision to leave the Red Castle, Turki Al Sheikh, head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, addressed the fans of Al-Ahly club, saying: “Because of the fans of Al-Ahly, Maybach is not angry … whoever walks, Naguib, walk once.”

Al-Sheikh, who resigned from Al-Ahly’s honorary presidency last month, wrote a tweet on his Facebook page, saying: “You know why I got away from the period that passed … but I received a call today from the chairman of the Al-Ahly club, my brother Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, and he explained to me his point of view. And I accepted it … and because of the fans of Al-Ahly, there is no sadness … whoever walks Naguib, walk a hundred times. ”

Al-Sheikh concluded his tweet with the hashtag: “#Dana_And_Beqouli_Ya_Baba”.


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