Tweet suggesting a military coup against Trump raises controversy


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There has been a sharp dichotomy in American society since President Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, something that neither the Democratic Party nor the sympathetic media have liked. Hendrick Hertzberg, one of the leading editors of the weekly American NewYorker magazine and author of Jimmy Carter’s speeches, wrote in a tweet that “the time has come for a military coup.”

The tweet sparked a lot of controversy due to its timing and content, to back down after it and write in another tweet that it was just mocking, and because the irony is the director of this tweet, the author Ryan James replied to him: “Your side does not have the army or guns … Good luck with this step.” .

Uncertainty prevails in the Democratic camp as Vice President Joe Biden’s chances of defeating Trump diminish, amid mounting controversy over the first harassment scandal. Peter Dow, the political activist and one of Hillary Clinton’s strongest supporters, urged former Vice President Joe Biden to end his presidential race because of new developments after the new video of the Larry King show on CNN in 1993.

He said, via his Twitter account, on Saturday morning: “Biden should withdraw,” adding that new information that appeared to support the allegations of sexual assault against Biden reinforced his position. He added, that to avoid a potential disaster in November, Biden must withdraw, while Bernie Sanders could resume his campaign. Dow suggested other former candidates that could replace Biden, named Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Kamala Harris, and former Minister of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro.

Former US President Bill Clinton’s advisor predicted that Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for the upcoming 2020 presidential election, would not be able to defeat President Donald Trump. Dick Morris said in a radio interview on Radio “New York Round Table” that Biden’s candidacy “looks like a suicide march,” adding that President Donald Trump has a “tremendous advantage” because of his ability to rebuild the economy after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi

In an attempt to heal the differences within the democratic camp, Nancy Pelosi officially announced her support for former Vice President Joe Biden, which was met with a widespread mockery of supporters of Bernie Sanders and the Socialists who expected a sweeping victory for Trump in November.

This was not the first and not the last tweet in the battle for the media and the Democratic Party against Trump, and since he took power, most American means have mobilized their efforts to bring him down. The feature of these media outlets was the war against Trump, and many direct programs were devoted to discuss President Trump’s issues, and singled out many pages And investigations into President Trump’s personal life, she has authored numerous books on his management style, accusing him of neglecting, stuttering and spending long time on social media.

In parallel, the Democratic Party has launched several criminal investigations against Trump, sometimes on charges of Russian interference and sometimes with the Ukrainian file and the abuse of power, but they have made a serious attempt to isolate formally but failed, and have backfired on the Democratic Party so far.

After the formal ceremonies of Trump’s isolation ended, his approval rating rose and his support reached the highest level after the isolation, and a new poll conducted by the American Fox News revealed that approval of President Trump’s job performance is at a record high. Amid widespread concerns about the spread of the Corona virus and personal infection, 49% agreed with Trump’s performance as president. It recorded an increase from 48% two weeks ago and 47% in late February, approaching the 50% barrier, which may be crucial for his re-election.

Moreover, President Trump’s re-election campaign attracted other massive contributions despite the effects of the coronavirus on the economy and sharp democratic media campaigns, and the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee raised more than $ 212 million in the first quarter of 2020, according to the campaign.

They raised more than $ 63 million in March, down from the $ 86 million raised in February, but it remains the second best month of the campaign ever, according to The Washington Examiner. The Trump and RNC campaign has more than $ 240 million in cash on hand.

Senator Lindsey Graham predicted that the Republican Party would continue to dominate the US Senate in response to the failed attempt to isolate Trump, and he said in an interview on “Fox News”: “I remember when we tried to isolate President Clinton, we lost the majority in the Senate to Democrats by nearly four seats.”

Trump was not absent from responding to all these fierce campaigns, and summarized what was happening to him in his tweet a few days ago, in which he said: “It is amazing that I became President of the United States with completely corrupt and dishonest media outlets that haunt me throughout the day and night.” He added: “Either I am really good, or much better than Fake News wants to acknowledge, or that they do not have nearly as much strength as they had previously thought!”

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