Unfortunate news for the founder’s followers, Othman, who is announced by the series’s producer and shocked by millions


Mohamed Buzdag, producer of the series, Founder Osman, announced a founding news for the followers of the series, Osman, in a live broadcast that explained the details of this news, after he indicated that Artgrel did not appear in the series of upcoming events from the series Osman – as it was broadcast recently in social media, but at the same time He made it clear that new characters will appear in the upcoming episodes, led by Younis Amirah.

Unfortunate news for the followers of the founder Othman

It is mentioned that the 18th episode of the founder Osman series, which was scheduled to be shown last Wednesday, was not posted without clarifying any details behind this postponement or a specific reason, or if clarification will be shown next week or not, and leaving the followers in a loss, anxiety and fear of Not showing the episode that contains many interesting and exciting events.

The channel can be followed for free via the Turkish ATV channel and its frequency:

The satelliteOrbitFrequencyPolarCorrection coefficientthe qualityEncryption
Nile Sat10796275005/6SDFree
Turksat42.0 ° E11628 -H27500 5/6SDFree
Astra19.2 ° E12692 -H275005/6SDFree
Astra19.2 ° E11243 H275005/6SDFree

The events of the founder Osman series

The series, Founder Osman, is one of the wonderful historical series that enjoyed a follow-up rate of millions among all the other series. Ottoman and the difficulties encountered and many obstacles that faced Artgrel and Osman will face his son to complete his role.


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