Up to 70 pounds .. the railroad announces increased fines for smoking and


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Monday 06 April 2020

Books – Osama Ali:

The Railways Authority of Egypt announced that it will raise the value of fines imposed on the independence of distinct air-conditioned trains, suburbs and Nun without a ticket, starting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 7.

Sources with the authority confirmed to “Masrawy” that the list of new fines will be as follows:

VIP and sleeper trains: 40 pounds instead of 30.

Air-conditioned Spanish and French: 30 pounds instead of 20 pounds

– Premium and developed: 20 pounds instead of 10 pounds

Suburban trains Abu Qir line / 30 June: 15 pounds instead of 5 pounds.

The source added that the fine for smoking inside trains was raised to 70 pounds instead of 50 pounds.

The National Authority of Egypt Railways raised fines last April, after the team took over the entire minister, the Minister of Transport, by about a month.

The fines varied between riding the train without tickets, some wrong behaviors inside the stations and trains, flattening and rides between its units or any place that endangers the lives of passengers or the conduct of trains at risk, up to carrying heavy loads that expose the passenger public to harassment or harm and does not apply to the parcel list.

The team added that the minister added that 440 million Egyptian pounds, equivalent to 27 million dollars in railway revenue, had been provided to purchase the 10 new tractors with Egyptian money, so that there would be 110 new tractors, noting that the return from collecting the fine and the tickets that were wasted had been done. A fund with them, and the £ 440m of revenue was raised in 6 months.


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