Veto gate “Avicenna” talks about the Corona virus in an old Russian film


Social media activists, from the Russians and the Arabs, shared a clip from an old Soviet movie produced in 1956 on Ibn Sina, in which the Arab doctor spoke of the Black Death, which kills Europe and the world in those days.

In this passage, Avicenna talks about the Black Death, which means plague, but his words fully apply to what is happening now with the emerging Coronavirus as Covid-19. Activists said that Avicennas talk about the Black Plague “as if he was talking about corona”.

The clip of the Russian film, which was produced 64 years ago, shows Ibn Sinas hadith about the black plague, in which people demanded not to congregate in the streets, markets, and mosques, and that only one disease was sufficient to infect hundreds of healthy people, and the one who treated the plague demanded to sterilize his nose with a cotton Of vinegar, and worm leaves are chewed in his mouth.

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Avicenna asked people not to be afraid of the plague, and to put money in vinegar saying about him, “It afflicts cowards”, and warning of panic means the importance of cleanliness and non-contact.


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