Video .. Hanan Mutawa sends a thank-you letter to all Egyptian doctors


I directed the artist Hanan Mutawa A thank you letter to the doctors and nurses for their efforts during the current period to confront the Corona virus, where Hanan shared her audience with a video clip saying: “Thanks to all Egypt’s doctors and medical staff and nurses, may God save us all. “.

Hanan Mutawa recently commented on the events and said that this period after the spread of Corona is an interrupted period of time as if it is a long movie but it is a divine production, noting that this period is an opportunity for meditation and self-review and that this affliction has become inside the house, and it is important that the souls of humans change, adding Her husband is most interested in home cleansing.

Hanan Mutawa followed during an intervention via the “Skype” feature on the program with you, broadcast on a channel cbc The media presented by Mona El-Shazly, saying that she was always a fan of the West and now she realized that this West is a very big lie, indicating that Egypt in that period had grown in its eyes a lot, and that it had increased pride in its patriotism and its government..

On the other hand, Hanan Mutawa co-starred in the series “Cairo Kabul”, written by Abdul Rahim Kamal, directed by Hossam Ali, produced by Synergy, and starring Tariq Lotfy, Fathi Abdel Wahab and Khaled Al-Sawi, where during the events she embodied the role of a housewife called “Manal Hussein”.


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