Video .. Mahmoud Hamida asks his followers not to panic from “Corona”


2:00 AM

Thursday 02 April 2020

Hani Saber Books:

The distinguished artist, Mahmoud Hamida, said that he appears for the first time on the social media, for two reasons, in a video on his YouTube channel.

In the video, Hamida continued, that the first reason is that he had previously appeared through the “Her Excellency” program presented by the media, Essaad Younes, denying his use of Social Media, after someone impersonated his character without his knowledge, and caused him in many problems, So it went out of time to announce that he has no accounts on the communication sites, indicating that he currently has official accounts on the various communication sites.

He explained, that the second reason, is his demand not to panic the spread of the Corona epidemic, because this is counterproductive and negative for humans, “rest assured.”

Hamida narrated his experience with Corona, which he learned about for the first time during his stay in Luxor during the activities of the African Film Festival, noting that he was on board a plane accompanied by artist Mustafa Shaaban, a member of the jury, where he was surprised during the opening of the events with news of a boat that showed cases She was infected with the virus and was followed by sending planes to them to take them to the isolation area, noting that during the opening ceremony, they were accompanied by a state of tension, which increased in succession to reach that the shortest time then became one of the cities with the virus.

He continued, that after that came precautionary decisions, which were approved by the World Health Organization, so the decision was during the activities not to gather and only watch the offers of the arbitration committees, and was followed by announcing the results during a press conference, and not to organize a closing ceremony until they returned to Cairo, and that during all of this struck him Be amazed at all this panic that accompanied them on the return journey.

Hamida continued, We know that the virus has no cure, and that all we have to do is take precautionary reasons and procedures and not neglect, especially since there is nothing that prevents not getting sick with these procedures, pointing out that the panic from infection makes everyone tense and adversely affects electromagnetic waves That can affect some.

And ended his conversation, that he is currently participating in the series when we were young, with artists Khaled Al-Nabawi, Nisreen Amin, Reham Hajjaj, Karim Qasim, Nabil Issa, where he continues filming and performs all precautions during filming.

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