Video .. the mother of a Dakahlia doctor: “I told the people and the Prophet Sibouni would bury my daughter.”


Fayza Abdel Azim, the mother of the deceased doctor in Dakahlia, said that her daughter was a successful and likable doctor, noting that it started when her daughter was preparing for a diabetes surgery.She added in a telephone interview to the program “Evening dmc”, broadcast on the dmc satellite, on Saturday evening, that the doctor treating her daughter, told her that she had pneumonia, preventing the scheduled operation, as she was detained in Al-Sadr Hospital in Mansoura, due to the suspicion that she was infected with the Corona virus.

She continued after the procedures of the analysis «Covid-19», the deceased doctor was transferred to the isolation hospital Abu Khalifa in Ismailia, explaining that her health condition was not good from the beginning and deteriorated rapidly until she died.

Regarding the refusal of the people of the village of “Shubra al-Baho”, the body of her daughter was buried, she said: “How did my daughter, a doctor and a father, was the mayor of the village. God, because of them, I don’t know I came down from Arabic and I see my daughter. ”

She thanked President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the Ministry of Interior for their cooperation in breaking up the gatherings of the villagers, and enabling them to complete the burial procedures.

It is noteworthy that the people of the village of “Shubra Al-Baho”, in Dakahlia governorate, refused to bury the body of doctor Sonia Abdel Azim, who died due to infection with the Corona virus, at the age of 64, as the infection was transmitted to her from her son coming from a European country.

The security services managed to break up the gathering and allow the doctor’s family to bury her, and 23 villagers were arrested for interrogation.

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