Watch the shooting between the Egyptian security and terrorist elements in Cairo


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Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent reported, on Tuesday evening, that an exchange of fire took place between the security forces and terrorist elements in Al-Amiriya neighborhood in eastern Cairo.

The Egyptian Special Forces attacked a terrorist cell before carrying out a plot to target the police.

The correspondent confirmed that the operation lasted 4 hours, and ended with the storming of the apartment block and the killing of all elements of the terrorist cell, as well as the killing of an officer with the rank of lieutenant-colonel from the Egyptian National Security Service, Mohamed Fawzi al-Hofy.

She added that terrorist groups were manufacturing explosives in the Amiriya neighborhood, the Izbat Shaheen area, adding that the security forces had evacuated a number of houses in the neighborhood, after they raided terrorist outposts.

Egyptian media sources reported that the police warned the neighborhood’s residents not to approach the windows. The Egyptian authorities also cut electricity to the neighborhood during the operation.

According to information, terrorist elements were planning attacks on police abutments that implement the curfew in the capital due to the Corona virus, as well as on Christian churches at a later time.

After storming the terrorist cell, the Special Operations Forces took over the area of ​​the clashes.

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