We publish poultry and egg prices today, Tuesday 28-4-2020


Sada Al-Balad site provides its readers with a service to know the prices of the most important food items and the most important changes that occur daily, among them Poultry prices That settled at the beginning of trading today, Tuesday 28-4-2020.

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Poultry prices today

registered Poultry prices Al-Baydaa today ranges between 30 and 31 pounds per kilo, and red poultry meat “Sasso” reached a price ranging between 41 and 42 pounds, while the price of a kilo of domestic poultry reaches 40 pounds.

The price of white chick ranged between 9.50 pounds to 13 pounds, the red chick “Sasso” scored about 6 pounds, and the municipal chick scored about 5 pounds.

The white and red eggs recorded a price ranging between 33 and 35 pounds, while the carton of municipal eggs at 42 pounds, and rabbit meat recorded a price ranging between 43 to 41 pounds, while the price of muscovy ducks recorded 14 pounds and the molar “Omar on” price 18 and 19 pounds, and the bikini 7 Pounds.

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The Roman chick Omar recorded on EGP 17, the brown Roman chick at the age of 34 pounds, and the Bronze Roman chick Omar on the EGP 17.

It is noteworthy that domestic production of poultry wealth reaches about one billion and 100 million chickens annually, and Egypt is on the verge of self-sufficiency in poultry wealth, after import is declining and we have reached a rate of 99% satisfaction.


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