We review the impact of Washington’s withdrawal on our operations


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The director of the World Health Organization, Tidros Adhanum Gibrius, expressed today, Wednesday, after the announcement of US President Donald Trump US funding suspension, Regretted this decision.

He stressed during his daily press conference that “the United States is an old friend of ours and we hope that it will continue to play its role,” adding: “We regret the decision of the American administration to stop funding provided to us.”

He considered that now is the time when the world must unite its efforts in the fight against the virus.

“We are reviewing the impact of Washington’s withdrawal on our operations … we are working to continue our role and discuss compensating the funding shortfall because of Washington’s decision,” he said, expressing the organization’s gratitude for “the support we have received from various countries of the world recently.”

He warned that the Corona virus “may exploit the world’s division to widen its spread.” He explained that the organization “gets continuous information about the virus and shares it with the rest of the world.”

Gebrissos also announced that the organization is working to ship medical supplies to 95 countries around the world.

Evaluating the work of the organization

He continued, “At the appropriate time, WHO member states and existing independent bodies will assess the behavior of the WHO in combating the Covid-19 epidemic with a view to ensuring transparency and responsibility.” He explained that “this matter is part of the usual mechanism practiced by Member States.”

In turn, the executive director of the organization’s emergency program, Michael Ryan, stressed that “everything that the organization has done” will be discussed later, considering that “it is strange that (the organization) is forced to defend itself at this stage.”

He stressed that the organization rushed early January to warn of “a hotbed of pneumonia in Wuhan, China,” noting that “there are millions of cases of pneumonia every year in the world” without necessarily turning into a health crisis similar to the Covid epidemic – 19.

“No time to waste”

Earlier in the day, Gebresus had considered “no time to lose” and “the only concern” of the foundation is to save lives from the Corona epidemic.

“There is no time to lose. The only concern,” Gypressus wrote on his Twitter account For who Help all people to save lives and end the new Corona virus outbreak, “without directly mentioning Trump’s decision.

Amid the controversy with the US President, who accuses him of belittling the epidemic and delaying informing the world about its spread, the organization’s director general has published tweets of support from political figures, researchers and unknown individuals.

In the same vein, American epidemiologist Larry Brilliant declared: “I worked for 10 years for the WHO on smallpox, polio, blindness and tsunami assistance. I collaborated with six general managers for me that was Tidros and Gro Brundtland the best. There is a real political campaign targeting Tidros.”

Deferment of charges

In turn, David Nabarro, WHO’s special envoy on tackling the Corona virus, today called for the postponement of any charges against the organization until after the virus was eliminated.

“We tell everyone, we appeal to everyone, look ahead. Focus on the epic struggle now and leave the accusations until later,” Nabarro said during an online conference.

He added: “If you decide during this process that you want to announce that you will withdraw funding or make other comments about the World Health Organization, remember that this is not just the World Health Organization. The entire public health community is now participating, and everyone in the world is now a public health employee, Everyone bears responsibility, everyone sacrifices, everyone participates “in the confrontation.

A few days ago, Washington headed Strong criticism of the behavior of the United Nations Based in Geneva. The United States in particular denounced the organization for taking positions it considered supportive of Beijing.

“The organization is out of politics”

Washington especially condemns the fact that the measures it has taken to confront the crisis, and in particular the gradual closure of the borders, faced “severe resistance” by the World Health Organization, which “continued to praise Chinese officials for their willingness to share information.”

According to Trump, the United States contributes between $ 400 and $ 500 million annually to the organization, compared to about $ 40 million “and even less” by China.

The WHO rejects its accusation of siding with China and stresses that it is making its recommendations in light of scientific information on the emerging corona virus, its transmission and ways to combat it. “The health organization is out of politics,” Tedros said.

The United Nations, China, Russia, the European Union and the African Union criticized the American decision to stop Washington’s contribution to the WHO. It was also criticized by Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft, who is the first private contributor to the Geneva-based WHO budget.

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