WFP: Millions will struggle to get food because of Corona


Abeer Atefa, a spokeswoman for the World Food Program, said that millions around the world will struggle to obtain food due to the Corona virus.

During her meeting with Al-Hadath Al-Arabiya, she added that there is a great danger to the fate of millions of people around the world who live on aid continuously.

In her remarks in Geneva, the spokesperson for the World Food Program, Elizabeth Pearce, announced the international organization’s need for urgent funding of $ 350 million to support information management, “logistical” operations and the supply chain and services, and the spokeswoman said that the UN program works closely With the World Health Organization and health partners to support these operations, adding that this claim comes for the financing of air freight, transportation, and engineering services in the areas affected by the epidemic. .

She pointed out that the program will establish international and regional starting areas to facilitate the sending of basic goods on behalf of the organization’s partners around the world, including in Europe, pointing out that the humanitarian response warehouses are located in: Dubai, Panama, Accra, Brindisi, Kuala Lumpur and Las Palmas, where it can be transported Medical equipment from these warehouses .

A spokeswoman for the World Food Program said that the UN program prepared air transport “links” and chartered ships for use, stressing that the organization can provide air transport services and medical services for humanitarian staff. .

On the other hand, spokeswoman for the World Food Program, Elizabeth Pearce, confirmed that more than a million Syrian children were affected by the suspension of school feeding programs for the United Nations program after the closure of schools, as part of the measures to combat the “Corona” virus in Syria, and that the international organization is searching for alternatives to not go hungry. children


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