What Dalia El Behairy does not know about daily employment – Emad Al-Din Hussein


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Sunday, April 26, 2020 – 9:30 PM
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Sunday, April 26, 2020 – 9:30 PM

Mrs. «a. M »works in cleaning houses, and after the spread of Corona, she was completely disrupted, because most families decided not to receive anyone for fear of infection.
She calls these families regularly to find out whether they can attend or not.
Two weeks ago, she said to one of the women: “Oh, Hanem, salvation … It is you who are basically certified. It has a disease … this is rhetoric and televised !!”
I do not blame this lady and sympathize with her and others like her, because she seeks in every way to defend her and her family’s livelihood.
From this entrance, I disagree a lot with what the artist Dalia El Behairy wrote a few days ago on her Facebook page, when she launched a severe attack on many categories, including daily employment. She wrote, saying: “Oh, Rayes Mabqash, I am locked up and my family is 36 days, while people spend their time leaving and giving up .. a complete ban, Rayes, and who will give me daily labor. They will not eat, and many of us are defrauding them, they work all year long … And God Almighty, this is a colorful people with a catalog .. This must be attached to a man in the bed, and he is not locked in !! !!
I only support Dalia El Behairi’s demand to prevent everyone who does not need to take to the street, especially youth gatherings, but it is clear that the artist in good faith imagines that daily workers have savings in banks or under the slab, and therefore if she sits in her homes, she will not be affected !!
She does not realize that the 500-pound grant decided by the government will suffice only for a small portion of this employment, which some estimate is between five and ten million workers.
The government thankfully decided the grant, but the 500 pounds may be enough for these families ten days a month, which is for a limited period because the government conditions, resources and capabilities cannot provide the grant permanently, and there is no government in the world that does this, and whoever follows what happens in the world will discover that the states The United, with its majesty, which is the largest economy in the whole world, at $ 22 trillion, did not bear the complete closure, and decided to start the gradual opening of the economy.
If America, and with it advanced European and Asian countries, does so, will Egypt bear it?!.
What Mrs. Dalia El Behairy and whoever thinks about her way is not aware of is the way in which daily workers live.
I am afraid of gatherings in popular markets as well as the artist Dalia Al-Behairy, but I ask her: What is the reason that drives this labor to go to the markets?
Personally, I asked many of these workers in the markets of Al-Moski, Al-Ataba, Ismail Abaza and many of my taxi drivers the same question, and their only convincing and compelling answers were eating food.
The quick seller who makes a living in a market like Al-Ataba and Al-Musky, if he does not go down, will not find his day to eat. He is required to return to his home daily with an amount of money that may be twenty pounds or one hundred depending on the nature of his work, and if he does not do so, he will die of hunger.
What Dalia El Behairy does not know is that all charitable, civil and charitable donations cannot possibly satisfy more than 10% of daily work.
One might ask: Are they not afraid of infection with the Coronavirus, and that they may die of infection? The answer is simply that most of them think with a very simple logic that death and poverty and hunger may be more dangerous than death sickness in corona.
Many of them, for various reasons, have no health awareness at all and raise the slogan: “It is all going.” But we also must not mock their convincing logic that the pursuit of livelihood has priority over fear of disease.
Question: Do any of these have savings so that they can sit at home until the pandemic passes ?! The answer is no, most of them work day by day.
They do not work in government interests, nor do they even work in major private sector institutions and factories, so that they have the advantages found in them such as social insurance, vacations and bonuses.
Most of them work in the contracting sector, quick employment, cafeterias, restaurants, and stores that do not insure them or give them minimal social protection.
When the whole society can secure the minimum level of semi-decent life for this employment, we can then blame them or even tie them to the man of the bed, as suggested by the artist Dalia El Behery !!!.


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