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Sadness was littered across Al-Buhaira governorate, after hearing the news of the martyrdom of Lieutenant-Colonel Muhammad Fawzi al-Hofy in the National Security Sector while he was chasing a terrorist cell in Al-Amiriya District in Cairo Governorate. The people of the governorate are waiting for the martyr’s body in front of his house on the land Edmond The city of Damanhur for his funeral in the family graves in his hometown of the village of Safasif.

Lt. Col. Muhammad Fawzi al-Hofi worked as a detective assistant to the Hosh Issa police station, and, given that, For his competence and skill, he was transferred to the National Security Sector.

The martyr married Mrs. Amina Maher Mustafa Sharif, a housewife. She was not born on 5/1/1987 and holds a Bachelor of Laws.

The martyr passed away at the hands of despicable terrorism, leaving two children, Maryam, born in 2013, aged 7 years, and Khadija, born in 2016, aged 4 years.

Fawzi Al-Houfi, the father of the martyr, who is 69 years old, previously worked as Director General of Social Security and Pensions in Damanhur. The mother of the martyr, Mrs. Wafa Muhammad Ali Muhanna, 64, worked as the mother of an employee in the Ministry of Justice.

Al-Buhaira Governorate officers said that their martyr colleague was a keeper of the Holy Qur’an, one of the most active officers and loved by all, and was always up to his womb and in constant contact with them.

And the news site “Sada Al-Balad” got a chat conversation of the martyr Mohamed Al-Hofy with one of his friends, including accepting a determination to eat as soon as he got a leave from his work.

Major General Hisham Amna, the governor of the lake, in his name and the name of the citizens of the governorate, offered their condolences to the family of the martyr Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Fawzi Al-Hofy, National Security, son of Damanhur who was killed during the clashes that took place between the anti-terrorist forces and a group of terrorist elements in the Amiriya district in Cairo.

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