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After a meal is issued Shollo Trend Google and what was reported about its fight against the Corona virus, Dr. Sherine Zaki, Chairman of the Food Safety Committee, wrote everything you do not know about ShlloWhich Dr. Sherine called Shllo As it is the most famous food in Upper Egypt and in the fast season of the Virgin Mary, and Muslims and Christians alike accept it .. The prevailing belief was that the Virgin Mary was the first to take it during the time of the Holy Family in Egypt.

It is an ancient pharaonic food famous in Egypt especially in Upper Egypt, and it was called this name because it has many integrated nutritional values, because it contains garlic, onions, lemons and molokhia, those natural elements that are used as a treatment for many diseases, Pharaohs used them as antiseptics for the body and to strengthen immunity, Where the Pharaohs were keen to provide workers with garlic seeds to prevent diseases, and they put onion coffins their onions believing that it helps the dead to recover in the afterlife.

It is considered “Shollo“It is the favorite food of the majority of Christian brothers during the fasting period because it symbolizes asceticism and austerity, as it is easy to prepare and thus becomes an ideal food for those who want to stop worshiping
Components remained ”SholloIt has been stable since the Pharaohs used it until now. It consists of dry molokhia, iced water, lemon, garlic, onions and salt.

And shllo is considered an integrated food meal as it contains:

★ Molokhia, and it was called the medicine of kings:

Which has a positive role for the functions of the digestive system, it contains mucilage that lines the wall of the digestive system and protects against infections and stomach ulcers.

It also contains a high percentage of iron that helps in the treatment of anemia and anemia, and compensates the body for not eating meat because it is a source of iron and vitamin B6 found in meat.

It is also rich in phosphorous, which stimulates memory and brain cells

It reduces symptoms of stress, tension and depression

It acts as a general tonic for the body because it is rich in manganese, which gives the body energy and vitality.

It also increases the sexual ability of men as well as beneficial to pregnant women because it compensates for iron, vitamin B, phosphorus and manganese that you lose during pregnancy.

★ lemon:

It is one of the elements that are added to the shollo, and it contains a high percentage of vitamin C, which has an effective role in fighting harmful bacteria and has antioxidants to fight cancer and diseases.

★ Onions:

Onions is a natural antibiotic with compounds that fight diseases, as it contains flavonoids that protect against heart disease and fight cancer, especially colon and stomach cancer, and it also stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Onion is also one of the most important sources of vitamin C, so it helps to improve blood flow and is beneficial for those who suffer from clots.

★ garlic:

It improves blood flow and is one of the natural antibiotics that dispense with the use of medications.

And for all those numerous nutritional benefits, Shollo deservedly deserved to be called a Doctor.

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