What if there is a cure for Corona before the vaccine? – One world – out of bounds


The American billionaire, Bill Gates, was not optimistic about the world’s struggle against the emerging Corona epidemic. In an interview with the BBC, he criticized the lack of investment and preparations for such an epidemic, which left the world in an “unknown area” as he put it. The founder of Microsoft added that the vaccine is the only way to return life to what it was before the epidemic spread, pointing out that the investments required to provide a diagnostic program at full speed – which would have reduced the time required to develop a vaccine by half – have not been pumped yet.

With the long period of adoption expected for a successful vaccine, other voices began to rise to find a faster way out of the state of isolation and paralysis of the business sector and the accumulation of workers in their homes without a livelihood. Instead of a vaccine, the option of medication treatment is offered even before the vaccine is reached, which will give mankind months of paralysis, disturbances, and the potential disruption of supply chains.

In the same context, European Commission President Urzula von der Leyen expressed hope that a vaccine will be reached by the end of this year, and that two of the most promising research teams are stationed in Europe. This will be followed by a series of steps to get approval for the vaccine and start mass production. The European official’s point of view coincided with the announcement by the authorities in Spain that the isolation and ban measures will remain in effect as long as no vaccine is reached. “Without a vaccine, mixing with the elderly should be restricted,” she said.

However, Stephen Boyce, director of the British National Health Service, put forward a different view, saying that fighting the Corona virus would be a long-term rather than a short race, and that lifting general isolation measures might include medications, not just vaccines. He added that vaccines are not the only exit strategy from general isolation.

The drug treatment strategy requires, before the vaccine is released, the identical rate of recovery from the total number of infected, or specifically the serious cases of the injuries. As of the end of Sunday, the number of serious injuries was more than 50,000 around the world, or about 40% of the number of deaths, and 12% of those recovering from the disease. These numbers do not qualify any of the drugs approved to date to revitalize life in cities, factories and major events.

With the increase in the number of infected people, and those at risk of death within the category of serious injuries, the importance of finding a effective treatment becomes more necessary than ever before, because the vaccine will benefit people who have not been infected with the disease, but the injured will not save them except direct treatment.



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