When will Egypt resort to applying the third stage to confront Corona?


Corona virus in Egypt has become a curse that the Egyptian government faces daily in an attempt to get rid of it, and the Egyptian government has started to issue some decisions to confront this damn virus.

The Egyptian government deals with this virus in a serious manner, and takes proactive and preventive decisions that are appropriate for each stage, in an effort to combat this virus and work to limit its spread.

The Egyptian government submitted a plan to confront the Corona virus, and it was divided into three phases, and the government moved to the second phase of the confrontation plan, which included the suspension of the study, the reduction of the number of employees in government institutions, and the flight ban, in addition to the various decisions announced in this regard.

With the announcement of the Ministry of Health, this evening, the arrival of the total number that was registered in Egypt with the new Corona virus is 779 cases, including 179 cases that have been cured and discharged from the isolation hospital, and 52 deaths, the question began: Is Egypt resorting to the application of the third stage to confront Corona?

The Prime Minister said, earlier, that he hoped that we would not reach the third stage of the spread of the virus, a stage that exceeded the number of infections by the number of thousand, in which the infection is in rapid numbers, which we have seen in many countries, because citizens do not take the serious warnings of their governments.

On the other hand, Major General Mohamed Abdel Maqsoud, Head of the Crisis Management Chamber of the Council of Ministers, said that in the event of the implementation of the third stage, there is a plan to enter university and private hospitals, hotels, centers and schools that have been prepared to implement the quarantine there, in addition to 29 quarantine hospitals that entered the second stage.

The Prime Minister had issued several decisions within the framework of the assignments of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Republic, to the government to develop the precautionary measures followed at the state level to confront the spread of the new Corona virus, in order to maintain the safety of citizens and achieve the highest levels of safety for them.

The decisions of the Prime Minister included that, starting from Wednesday, March 25th, citizens are prohibited from all parts of the Republic from moving or moving on all roads from seven in the evening until six in the morning; to prevent any possible repercussions of the emerging Corona virus, while allowing the necessary movement related to needs The emergency assessed by the law enforcement officers, as Dr. Mustafa Madbouly decided to stop all public and private means of transportation from seven in the evening until six in the morning, and the exception of this decision is cars that transport materials, food commodities and food Royalties of all kinds.

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