Why did Ahmed Zahir refuse to share his daughter with the “Fatwa” at the beginning?


10:29 PM

Thursday 30 April 2020

I wrote – Yasmine Al-Sharqawi:

The young artist, Laila Ahmed Zahir, said that her father did not agree with her participation in the series “Al-Fatwa” by artist Yasser Jalal, confirming that he was convinced after a call that the latter made with him to persuade him to agree.

“Leila” added, in a telephone interview with the “Energy Cup for Drama” program on Radio Energy, that her father was not enthusiastic about her return to the current time for acting, but the artist Yasser Jalal convinced him with a phone call, and that after reading the role he was more convinced, confirming that she was consulting her father She asks him with every scene and discusses with him about the way she performs, stressing that she likes to take an opinion on all aspects of her life and not just acting.

Laila expressed her happiness in participating in the series, saying: “I am happy with my participation and my return to the screen after the absence of 6 years. My role is difficult, especially since it is taking place in an ancient era, but it is influential in events and deserves to be referred to.

The “Energy Cup for Drama” program, broadcast every day at ten in the evening on Radio Energy 92.1 and presented by Mohamed Tariq Ada.

The program depends on dividing the series into groups, as happens in the World Cup, so that the playoffs begin and the series compete in the matches decided by the audience vote, and the competition continues until the final match, the first series of final series that ends with crowning the series with the Energy Cup drama.

In addition to the winning series, the program awards more than 20 awards in various categories, including the best comedy series and the best actor and comedian, the best young actor and young actress and the best rising face, the best soundtrack, the best decor, the best scenario and the best director.

“Al-Fatwa” series, written by Hani Sarhan, directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi, and produced by Synergie Company. It is shown daily on Al-Hayat channel and co-starred with a group of stars: Mai Omar, Ahmed Salah Hosni, Ahmed Khalil, Riyadh Al-Khouly and Anam Salousa.


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