Why did the world’s most famous epidemiologist advise “Ramsdevir” to treat cases?


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Thursday 30 April 2020

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Dr. Anthony Fauchi, an epidemiologist and adviser to President Donald Trump, did not wait much to announce a standard anti-viral “Ramsdevir” treatment of dangerous Corona cases, despite the fact that the required trials had not ended.

Fauchi justified the early announcement, saying from the White House: “The data show that Ramdesievir has had a clear, important and positive effect in reducing the recovery period of patients with the emerging coronavirus.”

According to a statement by the American Institutes of Health, compared to patients who received a placebo, patients treated with Ramsdevir, which is produced by the American Gilead Laboratory, recovered within 11 days instead of 15 days.

The trial included 1036 patients in 47 locations in the United States and 21 in Europe and Asia. It is by far the largest study on this drug whose results are available.

Fauchi said: The initial results were so clear that those responsible for the experiment decided to publish it so that patients treated with dummy medicines can now get access to Ramsdevir.

He added: “When there is clear evidence that a drug is giving effect, we have a moral obligation to inform the members of the group that received the placebo about this.”

It was considered that Ramsdevir could now be a standard treatment to combat serious cases of Covid-19. Intravenous therapy is given over 10 days.

The American company, “Gilliad Sciences” announced, on Wednesday, that its drug Ramsdevir showed “positive” results on Corona patients in the context of a wide clinical experience, which was conducted in partnership with American health institutes.

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