Why was Salah Diab referred to an investigation by the Attorney General? The Supreme Information Agency agent answers a video


Al-Omari added, in a telephone conversation with The journalist Ahmed Musa, The presenter of the program “On My Responsibility”, and broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” screen, this evening, Tuesday, that Newton’s article is the responsibility of the editor-in-chief, and there may be a criminal slot in this file, and the Public Prosecutor has the right to consider it and discuss any matters in it.

The Supreme Council of Information Undersecretary continued that it is not our role to investigate the criminal aspect, and the matter is serious and large and deserves the investigation, adding: “Newton’s article was withheld for 3 months and the article was blocked from the newspaper’s website, and a huge financial fine was signed.”

Mohamed Al-Omari, Undersecretary of the Supreme Council of Information, concluded that businessman Salah Diab admitted that he is the author of Newton’s article in the newspaper, and he adheres to his views, and Al-Masry today neglected the national role and national projects that are being implemented to develop the Sinai.

He explained that the investigations exceeded three hours, in the presence of Salah Diab’s legal advisor.

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