Will Hossam Ashour “surprise” Zamalek in the summer transfers?


Hossam Ashour, the captain of Al-Ahly, has increased ambiguity during the recent period, especially after his retirement was not announced at the end of the season after his lack of renewal in Al-Ahly, which confirms that the red team leader is sticking to continuing the stadiums, especially as he confirms his ability to continue giving in the stadiums, which made him receive Offers from a number of local clubs, as well as an offer from players ’agents to market it Arabic. The question remains: Will Hossam Ashour, surprise, Zamalek become in the summer transfers, which we will review in the next report.

Murtada Mansour confirms not to negotiate with a player whose contract is valid

The past hours have witnessed assurances on the part of Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek, that he will not negotiate with a player whose contract is valid with Al-Ahly, nor will he negotiate with a player who previously negotiated with him and did not complete his negotiations with Zamalek, so he closed the door to speculation about the inclusion of Ahmed Fathi, the back of Al-Ahly, which ends in the end of the current season. However, dead obstacle officials previously negotiated with him, and the player did not complete his negotiations, preferring then to continue to Al Ahly.

Thus, Hossam Ashour remains on the table as an option for Zamalek in order to support the center of his stadium with more experiences besides the presence of the duo Tariq Hamed and Ferjani Sassi, the current midfielders at Qalat Mit Oqba, especially since Ashour’s contract expires at the end of the current season and he has the right to negotiate with any club and he did not refuse to join Zamalek, when asked when his negotiations with Al-Ahly stalled, he said about the issue: “Our Lord gives to me the best.”

Are there negotiations between Zamalek and Ashour?

And during the last period, a player’s agent negotiated with Hossam Ashour about his joining Zamalek It was learned, “The Seventh Day”, that the player requested the signing of a contract that extends for three seasons, and thus remains the closest currently to Husam Ashour if he completes these negotiations in the next stage if he did not make a decision to retire at the end of the season.

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