Will Mahmoud Wadi move to Zamalek in a barter deal with Al-Saeed? “


The past few hours have witnessed some news about the thinking of Zamalek officials in signing a contract with Mahmoud Wadi, the Egyptian striker in a reciprocal deal that requires the transfer of Omar Al Saeed, the striker of the white team, to the Port Said club, with the transfer of the Palestinian striker to Zamalek, especially after Tariq Al Ashry, the technical manager of the Egyptian in the recent period, expressed a desire to include Omar Al-Saeed from Zamalek, and we review the truth of the matter in the following report:

Will Zamalek “Wadi” negotiate an annex?

A source familiar with the club revealed Zamalek Mahmoud Wadi was nominated by players ’agents to manage Zamalek, in order to consider the possibility of his inclusion or not, and like the other players nominated for the team, they will be presented to the French coach Patrice Carteron of Zamalek to determine the extent of the possibility of entering into formal negotiations to include them or not.

Did Zamalek move to officially include the player?

And by asking an official source at Al-Masry Club, he revealed that the Port Said Club has yet to receive an official offer from Zamalek to join the valley, so the matter is just hearsay until a formal offer from Zamalek has arrived in the matter, and the Al-Masry Administration will address in its time the issue of the extent to which deals can be concluded or not before approval or rejection in particular. The registration of the team is suspended and there is a crisis in the matter and work is legally resolved to resolve it so that the club can conclude deals in the next summer transfer period.

Does “Wadi” want to join Zamalek?

A source close to Wadi revealed his desire to join Zamalek if the Masri administration agreed to move to the Citadel of Mit Aqabah, and he welcomed the issue and was only waiting for official negotiations to take place.

As Zamalek officials communicate with the French technical director Patrice Carteron to present all deals to them to take a decision regarding them, especially the continuous communication that takes place with Amir Mortada Mansour, the general supervisor of the ball in the White Club on various matters concerning the team.


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