With 98% accuracy and in a few seconds … a new technology to detect corona with artificial intelligence


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One scientist developed a new technique that can diagnose coronavirus within seconds and 98% accuracy.

The AI ​​technology developed by an Ohio scientist can detect coronavirus using chest x-rays.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Parath Narayanan, who received a master’s and doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Dayton Research Institute and works at the University Research Institute, designed a specific program code that can detect the disease by simply examining the chest x-ray.

The process uses a deep learning algorithm using scans for people with or without the disease to find signs associated with coronavirus.

“What this means is that the program has decided that something exists in that particular region, and that a certain thing fulfills the criteria for classifying the image as containing COVID tags (as opposed to having another lung disease),” Narayanan said in an email to the Daily Mail. ».

Through artificial intelligence using deep learning, the algorithm learned itself to identify these signs, and the accuracy rate increased from 98% to more than 99%.

“I wanted to do something for the common good,” Narayanan added. “Medical imaging appears to be a good way to do that.”

With additional research, these techniques can be fine-tuned to detect even the smallest anomalies in the images – those that are difficult to see with the human eye – helping physicians diagnose and treat patients more quickly.

Narayanan has worked in the field of artificial intelligence for years, hoping to develop technology that helps healthcare professionals diagnose and treat patients at a faster rate.

And he has succeeded in developing code codes that detect lung, breast, malaria, brain tumors, tuberculosis, diabetic retinopathy and pneumonia – all with accuracy from 92 to 99%.

Once X-rays are used on the chest of a patient with the virus, an icon is quickly created that detects the virus in scans.

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