With a large lantern .. Laila Alawi showcases her beauty with this look


The artist published Leila Alawi A new photo of her from the most recent photo session on her personal page on the social networking site for sharing Instagram photos and videos.
She congratulated the artist Leila AlawiThe audience, by the holy month of Ramadan, commented: Happy Ramadan to you and all you love, every year and you are kind, and may God accept us for good deeds ? ♥ ️ “.
The artist starred Leila Alawi With a distinctive look, she appeared wearing light jeans, a white T-shirt and a white shawl with the heavenly color, which made her look suitable for Ramadan and youth.

Layla drew attention to her as she relied on appearing in a dazzling aesthetic and left her hair down and appeared next to the Ramadan lantern.


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