With hugs and DJ … a disaster while receiving a recovering nurse from Corona in Damietta


Striking at all precautionary measures against the emerging corona virus, the wall was displayed, they are the people of the village of Al-Barashiya, which is affiliated to the Faraskour Center in Damietta Governorate, where the parents received one of the nurses, called Fatima Tarih, one of the nurses who contracted the new corona virus “Covid 19” in Damietta Hospital, And my father’s songs, after recovering from the virus, and gathered the people of the village and the nurse’s neighbors, to welcome her return and check on her health, but in their own way, which is completely incompatible.

And it appeared in a video of the celebration of the village residents with the nurse who arrived in the village with microbus and took the precautionary measure, which is wearing the muzzle and the guantes, the wedding of the parents and my parents struggled to greet and receive them in the arms, striking all the instructions and awareness instructions for taking all the precautionary and preventive measures for the Corona virus.

On her part, the nurse, Fatima Tareya, expressed her happiness that the people of her village received her, but she would like them to follow preventive measures and not welcome her to hug and gather around her.

She stressed to her knowledge that the gatherings she was receiving were wrong, but this did not prevent her joy in the people of her village and she was unable to prevent them from welcoming her. Pointing out that the damn virus must be confronted by using all preventive methods, which are preventing gatherings altogether and completely avoiding any person suspected of infection, and I tried to deliver that message to the people of the village who are simple in dealing where they deal with common sense.

She explained: “Smears were made for those who had contacts with me, and the results were negative for my sister and my brother’s wife. Thank God, I recovered from the disease and then the results of my analyzes were negative twice. My sisters are working in nursing, and thank God they are fine and my husband and all my family did not show symptoms .. And I would like to thank President Sisi All who stood by me and the staff of the Quarantine Hospital in Helwan. “

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