With the color of the retriever .. Yousra shines with a dress that reveals her femininity


The artist published Yusra A new photo of her, through her account on the social networking site for trading photos and videos “Instagram”, with a look that highlights her beauty.
And sparkled Yusra During her outfit, she wore a colorful summer dress in recovered colors, which matched her skin tone and revealed her femininity and grace.
She wore Yusra Some stylish jewelry to complement her eye-catching look, she wore, a chain in the neck, and a stylish earring.

Attractive aesthetic touches were applied, and she used the pink color in the lips, with the touches of the bleacher and the mascara, and left her yellow hair softly over the top of her shoulders.

On the other hand, the actress Yusra participated in the song “Haseeb Ya Tayeb” from her new series, Betrayal Ahed, on her personal account, on the social networking site, to exchange photos and videos on Instagram.

The series “Betrayal Ahd”, starring Yousra, Hala Shiha, Joumana Murad, Abeer Sabri, and Hanadi Muhanna and Khaled Anwar, who was directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz, and written by Ahmed Adel and Amin Jamal.


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